Annapolis Travel Series Art Album

Annapolis Film Details

  • Created by Katherine Barnett
  • Music: Push by Fog Lake
  • Tools to create video album: Sony Vegas |Paintshop | Pencil | Camera
  • Trip Dates: March 12th, 2019 – March 13th, 2019

Here are the speed art videos featured on the album.

Annapolis Travel Series Art Album features four art designs and an abstract art film, featuring locations in Annapolis, Maryland. You  can watch the full music video and read more about each location I visited by clicking on the links above.

Another moment of pure bliss… Annapolis, Maryland. Such a wonderful town. I didn’t spend much time there, only an overnight stay, but I will always have fond memories of this place. I love how calm and serene I felt while walking through Annapolis. Even when I was lost trying to find the Thurgood Marshall Memorial, I still felt marvel and happy. The area is beautiful and the food… was simply magnificent. I will never forget Red Hot and Blue… I love the food there! This journey is glorious… truly! The film featured in this post is a drive I took from the Towne Centre to the Noah Hillman Garage in Annapolis but it’s an abstract art twist. This is my first time in the Annapolis and my first art album that’s featuring all video footage from the city I visited. It’s a huge turning point that I only hope will continue for future albums. This is my fourth album in my travel series. I have a long way to go before I reach my goal but a few years ago I didn’t know if I would ever get this travel series started. Parts of me feels shock right now… Every time I finish an album I feel slight euphoria. It’s amazing. Truly….

The film is what I always wanted from the beginning. A small step into a different reality with color. My theme for this travel series is brown because there were many areas in the town featuring that color. I wanted the film to feature lighter shades of brown. I did create a better design that featured more brown and the textures were perfect but I ran into problems with the script I created for that particular design. I also ran into a small issue with photo resolution. I wanted the quality to be 4k but my computer was freezing up every time I wanted to copy an image so I scaled back to 2k. Unfortunately, I used the wrong size dimensions and I didn’t realize it until after I rendered the finished video. The highest resolution is 1080p on Youtube even though the actual size is slightly larger and I thought it was 2k at the time. I guess 5 to 10 years ago that would have been great but now not so much… I’m a little disappointed but it’s too late to fix the problem. I definitely won’t make that mistake again.  I am happy with the results of the film but I do wish I could have used the first script I created and the resolution was higher. I’m still very new to making design scripts and these types of videos. I will get better with time, for sure! If you haven’t read previous posts related to the album, the process I used to create this film was applying an abstract design I made to video footage. I had to convert the footage to photos and then apply the design to each photo. After that, the photos that now have my design I converted back into video footage. For this particular film, I used 2,998 photos. It’s my longest video project date. I do talk more about making this film on this post. I started making the film close to 3 weeks ago on the 4th of August.

The trip itself was very short. The drive to Annapolis from Philadelphia was over 2 hours but I did have a few hours to visit several places before heading to the hotel. I made several stops to different locations in Annapolis and I think it was a smart move since I had little time. There’s a lot of content I didn’t post but the film is great because it shows the bulk of my journey. If I had to name one thing I absolutely love about Annapolis, I would say the atmosphere itself while walking downtown and around Towne Centre. There’s constant noise where I live and I felt at peace in Annapolis. The trip itself wasn’t perfect but overall it was a great experience. And… Red Hot and Blue. If a BBQ restaurant could get an Oscar this place would totally deserve it! I still think about the food I had from there. It… was… incredible! Red Hot and Blue was worth the drive alone. I definitely recommend visiting Red Hot and Blue if you like BBQ and you are in Annapolis, MD.

It feels so sweet, so… saccharine to be at the finish line. I spent a lot of time working on this album and I truly love my experience in Annapolis and also this travel series. My favorite speed art video in the album is Crab Cake and I do love the film as well. My next album will be Delaware.  It’s going to be a day trip since it’s close to where I live.

I made a podcast episode while I was in Annapolis. If you haven’t listened to it yet, click on this link.

If you like this album, take a look at my other travel series albums. Start with my first stop: Philadelphia (My hometown).

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