Saccharine Dreams

I had another saccharine dream about my travel series and it was right after a terrible nightmare. I woke up in the middle up night and had a hard time breathing. Sometimes I have really bad nightmares. It all started when I was very young. It took me a couple of minutes to get back to sleep. Then…. I was sucked into a beautiful moment in time. I don’t know where I was but I know I was on my travel series again. It felt magical, really… It was just like being in Hartford and Cape May again. I was definitely in a city and I was buying bus tickets to travel to another popular location. There was a brief moment where I felt unsure about why I needed the tickets because I didn’t know where I was going. As soon as I walked outside, I felt oddly reassured. It was a strange moment. I thought downtown looked similar to a modern medieval area. If that makes any sense… There were lots of tall structures that looked similar to castles and cathedrals. It was incredible. I was walking around just admiring the aesthetic and wanted to take a picture. Once I found a decent spot I saw a flash right in front of me before I could take a photo and woke up. I wish I could have stayed in that dream just a little bit longer. The travel series will continue. I have a feeling I wasn’t in the states. It would be awesome to take this travel series abroad. It’s a lovely thought and I hope that it happens. I simply adore having dreams about my travel series and Paris. The feelings are wonderful to say to the least!

I am planning a small day trip in October to Delaware. I would love to film the drive up and back. I’ve been to Delaware a few times when I was a kid. I don’t know which part I was in so I guess it’s doesn’t matter where I go in Delaware. I did a bit of research and I was thinking about going to Rehoboth Beach so I can drive on the Indian River Bridge but… It’s very far away. It’s actually further than Annapolis but going in a different direction. I’m not sure if I want to make that trip for Delaware. Plus… I will most likely have to make this an overnight stay if I go there and I don’t want to do that but I’m conflicted. The pictures I’m seeing for the bridge look amazing and I love driving on bridges. I don’t know… Decisions… The album video would look incredible if I go to Rehoboth Beach but I want to condense this trip to one day. I could start early and do an epic 300+ mile trip in one day. That would be cool, just crazy… for a place I don’t really want to spend too much time visiting. I have nothing against Delaware but I’m not too excited about this particular album compared to Hartford. But… I never drove over 300 miles in one day. It would definitely be an adventure and in Delaware? Something to think about for sure!

You know… there are many people living their best dreams in this reality. It’s a beautiful thing… I really want to be one of those people. There are certain things I want to accomplish and feel that I must do. I want this travel series to be epic! Right now, on a personal level, it’s been beyond saccharine. True moments of happiness I never experienced outside of this travel series. I must continue this journey!

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