Cape May Travel Series
Hartford Travel Series
The Boat Building
Cape May Travel Series
The Mad Burger
Hartford Travel Series
Soldier's Arch

Abstract Art

An endless journey blending color, abstract drawings, and nature together to create abstract art.

Art Films

Short films dedicated to experimenting with nature and color. Creating an alternate spin on reality.

Travel Series Albums

Abstract art albums that showcase music videos and films featuring popular destinations.

Latest Travel Series Art Album

Hartford, CT

My first album outside of my hometown. Visited Hartford for the first time in March 2017. This album features 11 speed art music videos, 11 art designs, and 1 album video.

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Spring Cleaning in January

Happy New Year! B83 Resolutions for 2019

Cape May Travel Series Art Album

The Mad Burger (Cape May Travel Series)

Upcoming Travel Series Art Album

Chicago, IL

Expected Release Date 6/9/2019

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