I recently felt a beautiful moment and it was related to my upcoming video album. Since I haven’t talked much about the video album, best to write an update.

I started working on the video album August 4th, just a few days after my last post. The process is applying my abstract art design to video footage. The process involves: photos, scripts, video footage and three software programs. I am well passed the halfway mark in this journey and it feels great to be somewhat close to the end!

I’m editing 2998 photos of video footage with a design script I created. At the time of writing this post, I’m about to hit 2300 photos. It’s definitely a challenge for me. If I could completely automate this process I would. I think I might be able to find a way if I was using Adobe After Effects. I’m going to hold out until I can have custom software to do the job.

Anyway… The video is about me driving from Towne Centre to the Noah Hillman parking garage. The garage is close to the State Capital building, Ego Alley and many more popular destinations in Annapolis. I thought the footage was perfect because I was traveling in areas that visually looked very different from each other. There’s a nice mix of highway and city driving and I love it. What I love most was downtown Annapolis. I typically don’t drive narrow roundabouts. I personally don’t like roundabouts and try to avoid driving them. This one felt weird to drive on at the time, maybe because I didn’t know the area, but it was oddly awesome. I really do like the pattern… the building structures surrounding and inside the roundabout. It was cool. I definitely think downtown Annapolis looks very pretty. Such a beautiful town…

I am loving how the video looks with my design. It goes with my brown theme perfectly. In the beginning, I had some troubles with making my script and the design but I’m happy with the results. I knew when I started working on the design script that the roundabout was going to look interesting because of the curves. I’ve been waiting several days to get to the point of the roundabout. I really wanted to see how my design reacted to that part of video. Today I hit that point and I think it looks simply amazing. Honestly, I felt so much happiness and thought this is it for me. It looks exactly how I wanted it to look. It truly does make this whole tedious process worth it. It’s like stepping in a different reality filled with pure sweetness. Even if it’s just for a moment and that’s why I love this journey so much. Having moments where everything just clicks and you feel saccharine. That’s why I can’t stop trying to make this work for me. Having a chance to even attempt this feels incredible. I can’t wait to see the finished video. I’m aiming for Saturday.

I’ve been on this art journey for seven years and I think this video will start leading me in the right direction.

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