Crab Cake (Annapolis Travel Series)

The Crab Cake featured in this design was from Chick and Ruth’s Delly located at 165 Main St. Annapolis, MD

  • Music Video Created by Katherine Barnett (beatnikblends)
  • Song in video: A Candy Addiction by Captive Portal

Another funny story? Maybe… I look back with fond memories of this design and the actual crab cake.

I guess the best place to start would be the lovely crab cake. At first, I was just going to get a burger from a restaurant called Chick and Ruth’s Delly. It had great reviews and I was loving the menu, lots of variety and at the time I wanted a burger. But… I heard that getting seafood would be ideal in Maryland and I thought why not? I love seafood. During my childhood, I remember eating lots of seafood. I absolutely love crab cakes. So, I got a burger and a crab cake. Lots of food… I also bought ribs to eat at home and honestly they were the best ribs I ever ate in my life. If you ever visit Annapolis, you must to go Red Hot and Blue for the ribs. It’s amazing…. Honestly, the crab cake was ten times better than the burger and if I only got the burger I would have been disappointed because it was decent but not great and it was missing a key element that I ordered for the burger. I am somewhat of a picky eater but I am willing to experiment with certain types of foods. I was in a wonderful place spiritually while eating that crab cake. It was literally the best one I ever had. At the moment… There’s still so many places to go on this journey. Every place I’ve been to so far has had divine food on some level. Or maybe I just pick the best spots to get food. A mix of both perhaps?

You know… I had to feature food on this album because it’s part of the journey and it was incredible. This album has been fantastic. I’m loving all the designs I created so far. This one was tough but strangely fun to make.

I’ve been thinking recently to add my playstation controller to a design. I thought it would be perfect for this design. I really wanted to be as crazy and experimental as possible with this design. I feel with the food designs it’s best to go nuts because there’s always a constant clash. I feel like that sums up my life right now. Constant clashes…. In the spirit of being optimistic, this design clash is a wonderful thing. I think it’s definitely an unique spin to feature a crab cake and a PlayStation controller. I love to play video games. I become a nutty perfectionist at times when it comes to role playing games. I always try to aim for platinum trophies. I’m close to 10. What I love about my journey with color is that always pushes me to explore the unknown. Do things that are crazy and just nuts for the sake of color. Life is way too short to play it safe. I feel that now more than ever. As I mentioned in previous posts, I wanted to feature either brown or blue (mostly brown) in every design. That was the challenging part. I made a design that I love so much and it’s featured as the YouTube thumbnail. It’s the original design but you can’t see the crab cake. You can only see the PlayStation controller. I was working on this for several days. I stopped recording myself making the design a few days ago but I wasn’t 100 percent happy. I was… but I knew I had to feature brown especially since the crab cake itself was a pale brown. I continued working on the design while making the music video. I found a happy sweet spot and that’s what you see for the thumbnail on this site.

I may be jinxing myself… I hope not… but my plan with every design I create now is to wait to sell until I open up my art gallery. It’s many years down the line, hopefully. My ultimate life goal, other than visiting Paris, is to open an art gallery in my father’s name. I’ve been thinking about this for several years. I added it to my dream warrior game so I already mentioned it so maybe I’m not jinxing myself. If it doesn’t happen then that’s ok but it’s the sole reason why I’m not planning on selling any art any time soon. I’m 100 percent focused on the travel series, music videos, and films.  I love what I do and I hope one day it becomes more than what it is now. Or all this could just be a delusional dream and I could be miserable for the rest of my life. I am opting to be optimistic! The dream will become reality!

The music video is just as crazy as the design itself! For the song… Replace Candy with Color and that’s my sentiments for this journey I’m on right now. I knew as soon as I heard the song A Candy Addiction by Captive Portal that I had to use it. First time I heard it I was thinking of color over and over again like Candy Addiction. I listen to this song at least 100 times while making this video. I think it’s embedded in my brain. I love this song! I really wanted the design to move a lot with the beats. I knew it was going to be challening because I wanted to use a lot of effects for this song. Thankfully, the song is short so I didn’t have to spend weeks making this video. I had fun making the video until close to the end. I was making tons of small mistakes and I didn’t sync some of the effects I made to the beats. It was a mess that took me a day to fix. I think I did a good job overall with syncing the beats with design. I’m really happy with the video. I did play around with shapes. I created an abstract effect in Sony Vegas. Similar to what I do with my pencil drawings. The video is nuts but I love it so much.

Well… I am halfway done the first part of this album. Food designs are the hardest for me so hopefully the last 3 designs will be a walk in the park. I am behind schedule but I’m going to push hard to meet my deadline. Souihaite moi bonne chance!

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