Attempted Hacks, Upcoming Trips, and All That Jazz…

I must say it feels great to update my main page. It’s the little things…

I made up my mind and I’m going to take that drive to Rehoboth Beach. The bridge is just too enticing to pass up. The alternative is to go a mall that’s closer to me but that’s not up to par for this awesome travel series. That’s what this journey is all about! Discovering the unknown, admiring awesome architecture and distorting nature with my crazy color blends. I would so love to drive on that bridge, so that’s what I’m going to do! Honestly… I am very nervous. Driving long distances make me nervous. If I don’t realize my fears and conquer them, it will rule over me and I don’t want let any fears or anxiety to get the best of me when it comes to this travel series. I was extremely nervous before my drive to Cape May but I experienced one of the best days of my life. Rehoboth Beach could be on the list of magical experiences and that makes me excited and eager for this trip. So… I started my plans last night and thought to provide a small update here. I’m going to take the drive sometime in October. I also would love to do an on the road podcast episode. I never done that before but I really want to record an episode for every location. Sadly… I didn’t do an episode for Cape May but that’s ok.

The trip is going to be one big day trip. I did the calculations again and it’s not exactly 300 miles but close, which is good but I wish the beach was closer.

Here’s an odd update transition… my security plugin blocked over 400 attacks within a very short time period yesterday. I’m talking about under a half hour short! I was already having a bad day and all I could do at the time was just shake my head when I received the emails. The weird part is that most of the attacks came from France, which is very interesting to say the least! I really don’t understand why people do these things. I am definitely no saint but I wouldn’t purposely try to hack into someone’s site. C’est très triste… I think for New Years I’m going to invest in an upgrade for my plugin. It’s a little expensive but it’s working very hard to keep my site safe. There have been many attempted attacks and thankfully everything is still here and working. It’s not easy to maintain this website and that’s shocking because I’m basically the only one that visits, lol. I am coming to terms with the fact that this website is basically a failure to everyone but me. You know… the fact that I actually started this travel series makes this website a success to me. I have to push harder to make more money to complete my series before I turn 40. Time is not on my side. I recently talked about building another website but I quickly abandoned that idea because I don’t want to go through the song and dance of trying to gain an audience, building a list, and all that jazz… I don’t have time to do that for another website. I tried that in the past with multiple websites (including this one) and it got me nowhere. Worrying about likes, followers, email subscriptions, and etc., has been a main source of my misery with this website and my work as an artist. I’m honestly tired of caring about if my work is liked or not and I don’t want to care anymore and if that sounds bad then that’s not my problem.  I am trying a different method that involves lots of studying and trial and error but if I can master it, I can make my dreams come true. I do plan on mastering it… It’s time to start living the dream full time and I’m ready!

An interesting note: I recently took a French fluency test and I failed it… BIG TIME! It shocked me. I thought I could at least read French on a intermediate level but according to the test I’m just starting out. Over 3 years studying and I’m just starting out, vraiment? I’m thinking about taking another test. Je parle Français! I may not be able to speak it well but I know I can read French beyond just simple greetings! I will become fluent one day! Hopefully when that day comes, I’m living somewhere in France. Yes… I am a BIG dreamer. Perhaps borderline delusional? JE NE PENSE PAS!!!!! 😉

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