A Halloween Special

Here I am on the last day of the month trying to uphold my promise to writing one blog post a month. It’s great that today is Halloween! I do have a major update. I changed my mind about traveling to Delaware. There was one day two weeks ago where I thought it would have been perfect to drive down there. At the time, I was driving home from grocery shopping and the weather was perfect. But… I didn’t drive there and continue to drive home. The trip at this point is out of the equation for this year. I realized a few days ago and I was somewhat sad about it but thought it was the best decision. It’s only going to get colder and going to the beach seems more like a September destination for me, similar to Cape May. Hopefully I can visit Rehoboth Beach next year.

Perception… It’s a power thing.  So many thoughts, so many missing words. Endless writing… endless white space…. on a blank canvas called life. I love ellipses.

At the end of the day, I will continue to fight for this dream. I have a deadline and I’m doing everything I can right now to accomplish that goal. The travel series will continue. Every day I think about living the dream. It will happen. I will stay committed.

I really don’t have much to say right now other than saying Happy Halloween. 🙂



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