Happy New Year! B83 Resolutions for 2019

Another year… Another opportunity to turn dreams into reality. I didn’t want to wait until the end of this month like last year to post something. I’m very optimistic about 2019. Even though 2018 wasn’t too great I am extremely grateful for a few things that happened in 2018. I’m happy I created my first short film and finished my Cape Travel Series. Now I’m ready to continue the journey. I want this year to be focused on traveling and completing at least 3 travel series albums. I would love to go to Chicago, Boston, Rhode Island and if I’m lucky San Francisco. It’s going to be very difficult to accomplish this task but I’m up for it. It will take some time to save up for my first trip, several months.

During this time, I will be focusing on updating this website. I did change the wordpress theme but there’s so much I have to fix. All the podcast posts are missing audio files. What I’m going to do is upload everything to Sync and anyone can listen to my old episodes. I have to upload thumbnails to posts that don’t have any. I have to fix posts that have old shortcodes. I also have to create new landing pages for future albums. I am not sure about creating designs before the next album. I do want to experiment with objects for my designs. For my April 2015 design challenge, I made a few designs that featured objects. I’m looking at a game controller right now and I think I can make something nice. Maybe I’ll use the controller in a design for an upcoming travel series.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to become conversational in French. I took a small break recently but I’m ready to get back in the game. It’s been very challenging but I’m determined to become fluent.

Well… Happy New Year!

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