Cape May Travel Series Art Album

Album Details

  • Created by Katherine Barnett
  • Music: When We Were One by Captive Portal
  • Tools to create video album: Sony Vegas |Paintshop | Pencil | Camera
  • Trip Date: September 9th, 2017

Here are the speed art videos featured on the album.

Cape May Travel Series Art Album features five art designs featuring locations in Cape May, New Jersey.  You can watch the full music video and read more about each location I visited by clicking on the links above.

Cape May was simply a beautiful moment in time for me. I am very grateful to have an opportunity to travel to Cape May. It was honestly one of the best days of my life. I’ve said this in the past but I felt like I was in wonderland. I thought Hartford was pure magic and Cape May was another magical experience that I will never forget.

I am in love with this album. After watching the final draft of the album video it made me fall in love all over again for Cape May and this journey I’m on with color. I felt a true sense of happiness. This is it for me. I love this so much. I love making music videos. I love making new designs. I crave the next adventure. Discovering a new city and capturing moments that I can explore with color.

I don’t go to the beach often but after visiting Cape May I definitely would like to visit more beach towns. There was something so calm and serene about Cape May that I rarely feel in my hometown. I went to Cape May over a year ago but I remember my time there like it was yesterday. The trip itself was completely spontaneous at the time but I did plan it hoping I would go in August 2017.  I was extremely nervous. It was like a mini road trip. I drove over 200 miles. It’s my longest drive to date. I would love to do a cross country road trip one day but probably not in the car I have now.

The highlight of this journey was visiting the lighthouse. I’ve never been to a lighthouse and it was the first stop I wanted to make. I lived in the city all my life and haven’t traveled too much. I have video footage of me inside the lighthouse and my first steps at the top of the lighthouse. I remember at the time wanting to grab footage of inside the porthole window. I thought it was so cool.

I wanted to do something slightly different with this album. After I visited the lighthouse, I walked to the beach and I had a moment where I was completely overwhelmed in awe. I recorded the moment and placed it at the end of the video. I was so happy at the time. At first, I didn’t want to add myself in the video but why not? It was all part of the experience and I feel like it’s a great ending to the album. I am making these albums to become part of nature. Become an explorer of color and nature. I only hope I can continue this journey. I would love for Chicago to be my next stop.

I knew that making this album video was going to be a challenge. Every album video has been different and I took a risk with this one. I didn’t capture much video footage but I did take lots of still shots that appear to look similar to motion. I found out during this trip that the camera on my phone was better than my 4k camera. It was a cheap camera. I will be upgrading my equipment before my next trip. The idea was to sync the video footage with my designs. I wanted to make a comparison, different realities back to back, almost seamlessly. I tried to create that look at 1:49 in the album video. I like to experiment. However, for upcoming album videos, I will be focusing on creating something similar to Ambler Drive. I do love this video very much. I wanted to finish this album before the new year. I want 2019 to be a huge travel year for me. That’s my wish. I’m going to work hard to make Chicago a reality for me. If you read this far, thank you for watching and visiting my website.

It feels amazing to finish this album and I look back with only a smile on my face. I created videos that pushed my limits and I am thankful for my time in Cape May.

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