Spring Cleaning in January

I wanted to provide an update. I know I mentioned this in previous posts but I’m currently updating the website. You may notice the changes if you visited this site any time before 2019. I feel it’s worth mentioning that there’s going to be a big change. I am no longer going to be publishing my artwork on any social media platforms. I used to post full versions of my artwork on Google+. From now on, all my artwork will be showcased here.

Full versions are now displayed as thumbnails on blog posts. I’m doing this for several reasons. The main reason is to make my website more colorful and showcase my art more. I also wanted to remove my portfolio. It seems a bit unnecessary since each post features my art. The WordPress theme is very customizable and I think the website looks like a portfolio. I don’t want to sell my designs for a while so I will be removing my shops on Society 6 and Zazzle very soon. If there’s any income it will be through my speed art videos. My videos are just as important to me as my art and I want to focus on making more videos instead of maintaining and promoting shops. I want to focus on the dream as much as possible.

For the last week, I’ve been editing the website a lot. Website maintenance is essential. Everything has to be in unison. That’s been a serious issue for me that I intend to fix in 2019. Right now I’ve been uploading new thumbnails for my old podcast and blog posts. I’m removing shortcodes that were connected to WordPress themes I used in the past. I finished uploading every podcast episode on Sync. I have limited bandwidth but I doubt it will cause any issues right now.

Feels like I’m spring cleaning my home. I’ve been reading my ramblings as well. I rarely read old blog posts. When I post something, I look over it a few times and then move on. If you go to older posts I haven’t edited yet you won’t see a thumbnail and you most likely will see some random shortcode around a letter or wrapped around a link. It’s a mess. I’m a mess. There was one post I read that made me feel an odd sweetness. I was talking about going to Cape May and I never been to a lighthouse. It would be cool to use 160 photos for a design script. It feels awesome to look back and know that I accomplished several goals. It’s possible to have moments of bliss. It’s not the ultimate dream but these moments feel incredible. There’s a chance for me, even if it’s a small one and I have to hang on to my love to continue feeling utter bliss.

I feel like time is running out on me. I have to go big! I want this website and my next album to be EPIC! I want to take huge risks. Why not? I want to live in the dream world. Constant travels… constant exploration with color and nature. There’s so much to explore. I want it all!!!!

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