The Dream Market

I lost track of time. I meant to post an update in September. I did write a blog post that I had all intentions to post. However, I read the post a few hours after and realized it was just too negative. I’m trying to be a ray of light on this website even though life is very difficult right now. I am also feeling sick but I have a plan and great news! I think it’s best to start an advertising budget. It’s more like an investing budget. Investing money in the dream. Start small and continue to build. It would be great to invest thousands of dollars to promote a single video. It’s a great sign of growth. I can only start at 50 dollars but in time, the budget will grow. It’s time to take a bigger risk. I’m going to look at this as becoming a day trader in the dream market!

Over the last three weeks, I made two designs. The first one will be called Château Bleu. I took a picture of a blue house on Washington Square. It does look like a miniature castle in wonderland. I have no idea what block I was on. By the time I post the video and artwork, I should have that information. I was taking pictures of anything I thought was awesome. I did have certain destinations that I planned to visit but everything in between was spontaneous. I remember I was walking from The Mad Hatter restaurant when I took this picture. My second design was the entree I had at the restaurant. I’m calling it The Mad Burger. I wanted to have a theme to the designs and I believe I achieved it. There are lots of light colors in the album. I wanted the album to be light and eccentric. I will definitely talk more about it when I publish the album video. I should be finished before November. I am aiming to complete both music videos by next Tuesday.

I am technically done my Cape May Travel Series. All I have to do is put everything together in a video and add my special ending. I think it’s going to be great! I’m going to add every design to the video and add footage of Cape May as well. I am months behind making this album. I should have finished this album before 2018. I will make sure that every album is complete within 3 to 5 months. I’m excited yet nervous. I want everything to be perfect but that’s impossible. I will do my best to make this album as beautiful as my time spent in Cape May. I would love to go back. I have to visit the Mad Batter restaurant again.

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