A Small Metamorphosis

I’m going to completely change this website around. I really hate the wordpress theme I’m using for this website. Even though I paid 69 dollars for the theme, it was a complete waste of money. For a long time I didn’t want to change it because I knew it would be a hassle and I couldn’t get my money back. I did make a lot of coding edits to make this theme suitable. I think whenever I have to configure the theme, something is wrong. It’s the main reason why I switched to wordpress many years ago. I like to avoid html, css, or any type of web coding. So, the website will be down for a while. Well… it won’t be “down” but if you visit this website and see the main page missing or anything that looks off then that’s me tinkering away. Hardly anyone visits this site anyway so maybe no one will read this or notice the changes. I’m switching to the theme that’s used for my art studio, which I paid a lot less money but works so much better. Another change is the shop. I think I found a great way to make t-shirts. At the time of writing this blog post, I figured out a method that could potentially work but haven’t tested. For a long time, I tried to go in the t-shirt direction. I found a business that can fulfill and ship t-shirts for me. However… I create my designs at a lower print size than desired, making my designs appear blurry when I upload them to the website. I did have a shirt made that looks amazing but it does appear blurred and the colors are not as crisp as I would like to see on the shirt. So… in saying that I’m going to focus on my abstract drawings. I love drawing abstract shapes, as you may already know. I can make vectors out of my drawings and apply them to the shirts. I’m going to test this out tonight, after I publish this blog post. I am going to see how it prints out on a shirt and if everything looks good then I can reopen my shop here and focus on videos, shirts and free art prints. I do have my Society 6 shop open. It’s been open for 5 years and only 3 items were sold. I will be closing it once I have everything up and running with the shop. I want all of my artwork to be centralized.

It’s a clear focus… Something that’s apparently been missing on this website and in my life. It’s been over 6 years of ups and downs, mostly downs. Things have to start getting better and I have to be relentless. The major challenge is building an advertising budget for the shop. This is going to be a real online shop that I will build. It’s going to be a stepping stone to a brick and mortar art gallery. I made a promise to myself that I would like to have an art gallery in a city that I love, hopefully, Paris. Either go BIG or go home. I know the dreams I have are lofty and I really have to start believing that I can achieve them. It feels impossible to reach Paris, have an art gallery, or reach Chicago. Seems like I have to constantly fight with this reality to make my dreams come true. I must admit that I’ve been really discouraged lately but it’s not too late to change. Every second is another chance to turn it all around! I have to stay focused. It has to be a mantra. I have to keep the dream at the forefront, every single day.

An update with the Cape May Album. I’ve been having a hard time finding songs. Free Music Archive has been crazy lately and that’s where I go to find music. I have been working on this album and trying to finish! I know exactly how I want the finished album video to look. Well… a good idea but that’s enough to get the ball rolling. I will finish before November!

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