A Random Moment In Time (Short Movie)

  • Film Details
  • Created by Katherine Barnett (beatnikblends)
  • Start/End Dates: July 13th, 2018 to August 9th, 2018
  • Music in Video: Regional Vice President by Glass Boy
  • Filming Location: Philadelphia, PA.
  • Dancer: Katherine Barnett (Me)


Another video… There’s a really long story about this one. I started talking briefly about it in the last blog post. I started a new position. However, it will not deter my focus with my dream. This position will “hopefully” help fund trips. It’s going to be extremely difficult to make this work but at least I have a better chance now. I have a clear vision and my love for color trumps everything. It’s the only part of life that I love and it never abandoned me. The sweet spots, music videos, going into that trance, feeling an odd tingling sensation, like a small electric current. Sadly… Time and time again, I have abandoned color but no more. This website, my love will always be my number 1 priority. I will find a way to become one with this dream but for now I have bits and pieces. In dark times, I fail to see the magical moments I’ve had. I think of Cape May and Hartford…. beautiful moments.

What does this all have to do with this video? Well… a few years ago I know I would have never attempted to do something like this. There are many reasons why I don’t want to feature myself in designs. However, I want to experiment more with color. I think it’s cool to see my body be part of the blends I created. It’s put me into the artwork itself, another layer to blend in the realm of color. Multiple mediums of expression. Adding every piece of nature I can into my work and creating awesome color blends with it. It’s just an amazing experience. I love it very much. I’m starting to really love the videos. The end result is always a step forward for me as an artist. I feel like I’m growing and learning more.

However… I know and if you read this blog, you know as well, that I struggle with making a profit from my work. I actually tried to promote my last video but I was unsuccessful and took a loss in profit. Recently, I realize that thinking about the outside perspective when it comes to my work here is really pointless. Everything here is pointless to a perspective. I’ve been searching for value, monetary value for such a long time. I have to stop. It really doesn’t matter anymore if no one likes my work. It hurts… a lot but I know I have to keep going. No one believes in the work I do here, my love and true passion for color. I’ve been here for years trying to make this my dream. I just love it so much. I’ve had horrible jobs and I come to realize that maybe that’s my reality. The constant struggle. Even with this position there’s a lot of risk and the commute is grueling but that’s the way this reality works. I believe in my work. I know my work has true value but that’s my perspective. I spent quite some time making this video even though it’s less than 2 minutes. It’s not perfect but I do love it and that’s all that matters now. There’s an endless lavish adventure out there. Somewhere… color is bold, subtle, outrageous and daring. Every thought you can think of can be expressed in color. Color is amazing. I was always hesitant in making a video like this but there’s no reason to feel that way anymore.

This video was originally going to be well over 3 minutes long. I was close to 750 frames when I decided to change everything. I made the video very short. The dance itself was completely random, hence the title. There’s no structure at all. I was actually dancing to another song at the time. I was already tired because I was dancing to other songs before I decided to make this video. That’s something I forgot to mention in the last post. I knew I wanted to make a video since I postponed making Art museum until I had the equipment I needed. I made a lot of changes but I’m happy with the video. I made three different variations of the design. I will post it on the web. My favorite is the blue version of the main design. I would love to make a video that’s drenched in red. I really love red. Red is a beautiful color.

Now, I’m going dedicate the rest of the month into planning for a new trip for my birthday and my Cape May Travel Series. I will finish the album soon. I only have to make two more designs and the final video. I have a great idea for the ending. I’ll keep it a surprise until I post it. Ever

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