In Pursuit of Three Thousand Frames

It’s been a little over two weeks since my last post. I’ve been really busy. I finished making my art studio website. It’s only going to feature my art films. I would love to build this studio around music that I adore. I want to lavish myself in color, music, and nature. It’s an endless journey and I’m loving it so far. For the past week, I’ve been working on film number three. I was originally going to film footage of me traveling to the art museum. When I did a test run, I noticed that I can only get one good camera angle. I think you should see the Art Museum from different angles. Heading towards the location and seeing it go by while driving the roundabout. I’m going to wait to make this video until I have the right equipment. I would like to finish this video before my next travel series.

In the meantime, I started working on another video. It’s going to be my biggest one to date. It’s close to 5 minutes. I have to edit 3000 frames in this video. It’s a lot! I’ll probably finish it before August 15th. That’s my deadline. During this time, I’m going to try to finish my Cape May Album. This script is longer than my last film, Ambler Drive. I try to aim for 30 seconds. I have to be really exact in my blends. Every action I take increases script time. I’ve been working on this video for a few days and made some mistakes. I’ve made three different versions of this design. The second one was perfect but there was an error in the script and I couldn’t recreate the design. In time, I will master the perfect script designs. Every video is a new experience for me. There’s more editing involved in this video. I have no idea how it’s going to look after I’m finished editing the frames but I’m definitely intrigued.

The video is featuring me dancing. I’ve talked about doing a video like this in the past. When I had plans to make the Art Museum film, I completely abandoned the idea of doing this video. After I decided to wait to make Art Museum, I thought to make the dancing video again. It’s completely random. I was conflicted about which song to use at the time and it definitely had an effect on how I was dancing. Overall, I say I have some decent footage but I wish it was better. There was a moment when I was spinning and I didn’t lose my balance. I love that moment. I think I can dance better than what this video will show. I was all over the place, just going with the flow of the song. I always wanted to make a video of me spinning with colors engulfing my body. This video is a step in that direction. I see it so clearly…. I know it’s not perfect but I love it. I was in the moment and dancing to a completely definitely song that will be featured in this video. I would love to create more dancing videos. It’s a different pace and I can choreograph a small routine. I want to create many different types of videos.

I will try to post a video before August. Maybe a 1 minute preview. Lots of things happening right now. Busy… busy… busy… I have to stay focused.

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