Perplexity – Day 17 of Design Challenge

I was perplexed on the title and direction for this design. Perplexity seems like a suitable title. To be honest, I was lost from the start with this design. I couldn’t find a good pattern for the drawing. Thinking back, I should have left it alone and not used rotating mirror. I am happy about the colors. I know that’s the most important aspect but I want everything to look good. Overall, I am not happy. Throughout this challenge, I made some designs that were great. I would like to go back and fix this design from the beginning. I think there are more good designs than bad in this challenge. My favorite so far is abstract pie.

I like to draw strange shapes. The shapes are hit and miss with rotating mirror. It worked well with abstract pie but not with this design. It also didn’t work with madness. It’s definitely a lesson learned. Hopefully, I can make something better for Day 18. Less than two weeks left in this challenge. I am happy it’s almost over. My mood is shifting and I’m trying to be more optimistic but at the moment I feel anything but positive. The designs are getting worse. I have to work harder and dedicate more time to making new art.

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