Pumpkin Dance – Day 18 of Design Challenge

I’m starting to really like orange. I love the mixture of red, orange and brown together. It looks very nice. When I started making this design, I was going in another direction. I found a purple and light green blend that looked interesting. It reminded me of aliens. I don’t know why… but it did. About halfway into making this design, I stumbled upon an orange and red blend. I really like the combination so I began traveling in that direction.

I really love the process in making a design. Sometimes it can get very frustrating but most of the time it’s a sweet process. When I have a great song on in the background, it makes the process sweeter. I was listening to Eiffel 65 throughout making this design. I haven’t listened to this group since college. I remember my first year of college, I would listen to them often. There was one class that was 10 minutes away from my dorm. I remember having Eiffel 65 and Cher on repeat while walking to class and back home.

I wanted work with rectangles in this design. I recently took a survey online where I had to explain which geometric shape I liked the most between rectangle, square, circle, and triangle. I immediately thought that rectangles are cool. I normally don’t draw rectangles and I thought to dedicate a design to three dimensional rectangles. I made two versions of this design. One is called Pumpkin Dance. The other one is called Pumpkin Cake because when I flipped the design, I suddenly thought of a cake. The reason why I called the first designPumpkin Dance is because of the colors and I was dancing while making this piece. I really love this design. I felt like everything came together. I was off track for the last couple of days.

Well… I’m on to day 19 of the challenge.

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