Colored Pencil – Day 11 of Design Challenge

Colored Pencil was another fun design to make on this challenge. As I stated on my Red Dream design, I wanted to work with the color green in this design. Green is not a favorite color of mine but it’s nice to work with the color occasionally. I would like to sample with more odd color blends in the future. One thing I really love about color is endless challenges. I feel like I have to stay out of my comfort zone to test blends I wouldn’t normally encounter. Putrid Spoon was definitely one of those types of designs. I wish I had more time to work on it more. I could always go back and tweak it but I don’t feel like doing that. I don’t like tweaking past designs. Sometimes I continue working on the design before I either post the music video or write the blog post. After everything is posted, I feel like that’s saying goodbye to the design process. Working on past pencil drawings feels different because I can always create a completely new concept.

While I was making this design, I had one song on repeat called Older Girl by Learning Music. This song is the 80s! I love it so much. I was dancing all throughout the design process. I definitely wanted to use it in the music video. I edited the video to go along with the pacing of the song. Sometimes that can be difficult because of the video length. Most videos are hours long and I always run into a problem with speed. Thankfully, I didn’t spend too much time on this design. It was a speed run because I was doing other stuff at the time.

I am almost halfway to the finish line with this challenge. It’s been frustrating, stressful, exciting and sometimes maddening but overall I’m loving it!

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