Red Dream – Day 10 of Design Challenge

Wrapped up in a dream filled with beautiful hues of luscious red. I can gush forever for my love of red. I had a great time making this design. I honestly didn’t want to stop working on it because I had so much fun.

At the beginning, I did run into some challenges. I used the sketch from Inside the Chill Box. I thought since I transformed Silence the Madness, I can do it again. I do like to work with new sketches so this will probably be the last time I’ll work with an old drawing for the challenge. I will revisit old drawings in the future. I didn’t have any plans to work with red again but as soon I started going down that path, I couldn’t turn back. I’m thinking about creating something with green in it. I haven’t really used that as main color yet in the design challenge. There’s always a new road I can travel on with color. It’s amazing.

Overall, I think the tide is turning with this design challenge. I’m starting to feel less stressed out. For now…

I do hope you like the design and the music video!

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