Bronze Oddity – Day 12 of Design Challenge

I don’t normally work with brown. I did feel like working with this color so I can stay out of my comfort zone for another day in this challenge. I worked with green yesterday. I know I mentioned this in the past but I really don’t like brown, green, and yellow. I almost hate yellow. Every time I see it pop up in a color blend, I feel mild irritation. I know it’s good to have variety. I am determined to keep pushing myself and opening my mind to the possibility of one day not having any disdain for these colors.

While I was making this design, I found a nice blend of blue and purple. I was very tempted to go in that direction. I had to force myself to abandon that blend, keep traveling in the brown direction. I must say that I’m happy I did because I really like how this design looks. I was genuinely surprised at the end of making this design.

I’m calling this design bronze oddity because of the colors I used and shape of the drawing. The drawing looks odd to me but I love it. Rotating mirror is one of the best effects for my pencil drawings. I can create lots of weird 3d shapes. Take my original idea and expand on it. I know my design looks weird but hopefully, you can see three dimensional shapes that are loved by lots of different color blends. I don’t use rulers when I draw. I like the lines to be imperfect so the drawing looks more natural when I begin to play with it in Paintshop. I made another version of Bronze Oddity. You can check it out here. I like that one a lot as well.

The music video… The key ingredient is always the song. If I can find a song that fits and creates a great pace throughout the song, the video looks great. Well… for me it looks good. I do love watching a couple of my favorites. I made a playlist on my YouTube channel. When I find songs it reminds me of a time I would make cds of songs I liked. I would always try to match songs according to genre and pacing. I never called it a playlist. It’s like a mixtape on a cd. I made a cd of songs for a guy I had a crush on years ago. He told me I should be a DJ. I wish I made a copy of the CD. I definitely want to make a compilation video of all the synth pop songs. I can have my designs dance in the background. That would take a lot of time and right now I can’t do that. I’m going to have someone put it together for me in about a year or so. If things turn around for me. I have an idea where I want to be in another year. If I can put that compilation together then I will know I reach a nice place in my life.

Have a wonderful day. I hope it’s lovely. Everyone should have lovely days.

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