Retrospective – Day Nine of Design Challenge

Retrospective is kind of throwback design with a twist. I used a drawing I made over a year ago for Silence the Madness. I remember not being too happy with the design. I thought to revisit that drawing to see what I can do to make it better. Another reason I used an old drawing is because I started this design late in the day. I was going to make a new sketch but the lighting is not great where I live and I would have taken an awful picture. The last couple of days, I made drawings during the day.

I’m happy to use this drawing because it feels like I made progress with my artwork. Plus, it’s great to work with old drawings. I like that you can do so much with drawings, you can interpret them in many different ways. In retrospect, I’m happy to have made Silence the Madness the way I did. If I didn’t, then I probably wouldn’t have made Retrospective.

The music video is probably one of my favorites because of the song I used. I love synth pop. I try to feature songs in that genre as often as possible. I love most songs that are featured in my music videos. I only had to remove one song because of a license issue. I had the license, youtube still gave me trouble. I don’t want to add just any song to my video. Like my designs, it takes time to put a video together. It showcases the design. It’s a live presentation of how I made the design and I don’t like when things go wrong with videos. In saying that, there are quite a few videos that I really love and the main reason is the song. It fits well with the colors and pacing. Everything gels happily… I hope you like the music video and the design!

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