Untitled Candle – Day Eight of Design Challenge

I created Untitled Candle using a pencil sketch, a candle, and paintshop pro. I thought it would be cool to use a candle. Plus, I’m running out of small objects to use in the designs. I love using random objects in my work. I knew I was going to have a fun time with this design. I did start a little late but I did put in a little over 2 hours into this design.

I love the colors in this design. I made two versions that I really like. One version has lots of red in it. I wish I could work with red exclusively. The only reason I don’t is because variety is paramount and I want to explore more depths with color. The other version has green, blue and pink in it. The colors and design texture is different from the red version. I must say that I love this design a lot more than the last two I made. I’m back on track! It did help that I was listening to more uplifting music. I had three songs from Imogen Heap on repeat.

The last post I was very upset about everything. Well except for the last sentence. It would be cool to have a moment like that with my dad. I have no problem admitting that I’m little crazy. Today, I have a clear head. I’m still very stressed out and I did cry a little bit this morning but I know what I want and I’m charging for it. I have to be more positive. It’s a lot easier to say the words. I am thinking about shutting down my shop on Society 6. I don’t want to worry about making money directly off my art. I have over 100 designs and videos. I haven’t made a profit from perhaps thousands of hours of work. I am coming to terms with that. It’s all about the journey. It’s all about my love for color. I will find another way to start my travels. The days are difficult but this storm will pass, one way or another.

The title… I was minutes away from midnight and I couldn’t think of anything other than using the word candle. So, I called it untitled candle. I had some problems with the music video but I love the song I used. Contemporary Individuals is also featured on my last podcast episode. I think the colors fit with the song nicely.

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