Putrid Spoon – Day Six of Design Challenge

I am going to be very honest. I hate this design. I needed more time to make this work. I wanted to work with colors outside of purple, blue and yellow. The last three designs were drenched with those colors. I hate working with the same color repeatedly. The designs don’t look the same but I like to travel down different roads. I do admit that I like the colors in this design. However… I don’t like how it looks overall. I wanted to do more. I am restricted on time, especially on Mondays because I have to record my podcast. It takes several hours to do everything, from recording and editing to posting it on podomatic. I didn’t have much time today.

I used a spoon with my drawing for this design. Overall, it’s upsetting because I wanted to make something slightly different. I may work with the spoon again in the future. I do like adding objects in designs. It looks completely different from anything I ever made before. I only hope I can manage my time better throughout the week. I’m starting to feel very bitter and upset that I can’t get a good handle on time management. I want to make better designs. I need more time to work on these designs. I really don’t want to make bad designs for this challenge. I don’t think they’ve all been bad but I know I could have done better. This is a strange time for me right now.

I would like to start making portraits at some point this month. If you would like a free portrait, please leave a comment below. I would get back to you via e-mail. I was going to dedicate portraits to list members but I have less than ten members on the list.

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