Podcast Episode 19: Talks of Alternate Realities, Design Challenges, and Outlining Goals

Welcome to Episode 19 of Beatnik83 Podcast! This episode is a little strange. I’m a little strange so I guess it’s all good. The first thing I talk about is the collection of week which dedicated to boats. My favorite piece was created by Boyan Dimitrov. The art piece itself is very beautiful and reminded me of a great movie called What Dreams May Come. I talk about the movie a little bit and how it intertwines with color and alternate realities. The art winner for the Art Promoter community on Google Plus is Ben B for his watercolor portrait. I started my 30 day design challenge on April 1st. I’m currently on my 6th day. I talk about the challenges in making art and music videos every day. The motivational video for the week is called Be Unique by Absolute Motivation. I talk about thoughts I had while watching the video. Two songs are featured in this episode: Contemporary Individual by Superhumanoids and He/Basement by Kodak To Graph. Thanks so much for listening to this podcast! ♥ Katherine

Motivational video of the week: Be Unique by Absolute Motivation

Below are all the links that I talk about throughout the episode. If you love the songs featured in the podcast, download them and support the artist! Thanks so much!

Links Featured on Episode 19

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