Outrageous Canvas

Outrageous Canvas… I thought midway that the blends were kind of outrageous and maybe I should start making nutty design titles. This design was fun and surprisingly very challenging to make. I made Outrageous Canvas yesterday. I was feeling sad at the start of making this design. I had to stop the video a few times because of unexpected interruptions. The screen of my computer went a little haywire, which I will explain in more detail. I lost complete focus after the interruptions. It was just a mess but I’m very happy with how this design looks. I was originally going to call this design Comfort Zone because I’m working with purple. I was on pinterest again to get some inspiration on color blends. I found a picture that had a nice mix of red, a little purple, and bits of pink. However, when I saw dark purple popping up in this design, I thought to keep going in that direction.

I’m starting to have serious computer troubles. I only had this computer for a little over a year. It’s starting to break down now and I am very scared. I definitely don’t have enough cash to get a new one or even a used one. Two days ago, when I tried to close it, the monitor started to break. I had to use duck tape to put it back together. Now I can’t close the lid. I swear… if it’s not one thing it’s another. I really hate to rely on material things. If I was in a better financial situation, I wouldn’t be in a panic right now. This computer is truly my canvas. I need it to create new artwork.

Another problem I’m having is if I move the laptop a certain way, bars would steadily appear until I adjust the monitor. Talk about really bad timing. I’m starting to have really bad nightmares about this problem. Not good… really, not good. The dreams I have are horrifying about this computer.

I made the music video today. I knew I had some editing to do because of the interruptions. I was on movie maker because Sony Vegas is temperamental when I try to increase speed on videos. I edited a few portions of the video. I played back the video and everything looked fine. I made a few errands while the video rendered. I come back home a few hours later to look at the video and there’s a portion of footage that was supposed to be edited out! I can’t tell you how angry I was at that moment. It wasn’t a complete waste of time since I had a complete video to edit. I went on Sony Vegas to fix the error and then I thought to add something extra in the video. In the song, there’s a small silence. I created an intermission. I think it looks hilarious. I guess it was a good thing that the error happened.

If anyone is reading this and wondering about the podcast, well… that’s a really long story. I think I might explain on the podcast, once I get a suitable microphone. I haven’t forgotten about it. I found a few online magazines where I can submit my work. I’m definitely going to submit a few designs on Monday. I will be creating an art album instead of a book. It’s going to be a video album, showcasing all the designs I made in December. I will talk about it more in a different blog post.

I made three variations of Outrageous Canvas that I love but it was all purple. I wanted to add more color but went into a drastic direction. A direction I never went down and I absolutely love it. I was going to wait until I finished the album but I posted it on google+. I hope you like this design and the music video.

  • Time to create: 3+ Hours
  • Tools: Pencil and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Elevator by Jahzzar

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