Bubble Dimension

Pink… Something about this color, I really don’t like. It can appear too saccharine for my taste. Saccharine itself is already nauseatingly sweet. I wanted to recreate a color blend of pink, light purple and red. I think I’m 95 percent close to my ideal blend. I’m going to keep working until I find that sweet spot. I don’t hate this design despite my challenges. I feel successful in blending many textures in this design and not losing my finishing texture blend.

I created two designs that I really like. I called the design bubble dimension because whenever I think about pink two words pop up immediately: bubbles and candy. I played around with the pencil sketch. I created a texture from one mirrored version of the sketch. The middle section of the design that kind of looks like an inkblot is the pencil sketch. Someone on DeviantArt told me that my work reminded him of “what shrinks use”. My guess his meaning was inkblot images, which is really cool because I love inkblot imagery. I really love blending patterns within other shapes and blends. I hope you can see many different things in my work. Figures, patterns, shapes, anything that you can see beyond just color experimentation. I want to play with reality using color.

I had such a hard time with the music video. I had to render it three times. The first one wasn’t too bad but there was another silence that I didn’t edit in the video. I also thought to change the pace at the end of the video. Surprisingly, I was able to change the pace in Sony Vegas. I had no trouble making the video slower. When I rendered the second video, the video looked fine until the end. Making the video slower diminished the quality of the video. I had to change the pace back to the original and I added a small video effect transition. I think it suits the song well.

On a positive note, I am only 10 videos away from my 100th Speed Art Music Video. I’m six months behind schedule but I have a new goal for the new year. I am super excited to be very close to this benchmark. After 100, I will be aiming for 250. I feel like I’m only at the beginning of this wonderful ride. I only hope I will have enough time to make thousands of videos.

Another positive note… I renewed this domain for another year. This is my second domain within the last 12 years that I renewed longer than a year. The first one was my first website dedicated to Sailor Jupiter fanfiction. Feels good… Now I feel home.

I am going to try very hard to make two more designs before the new year. That gives me four days. I can do it. I hope you like Bubble Dimension.

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