Sweet Spot

Well… I have to say that moments like this make me feel so happy. I conquered another challenge with color. Making Sweet Spot was truly a challenge. I was stumped several times throughout making this design. The pencil sketch I made was the biggest challenge. I used rotating mirror and ended up with two patterns that were nice. I worked with one for a while and then I thought something was missing so I added the second pattern into the mix. I put myself in a bit of bind when doing that. It didn’t blend well with the first pattern. It took several hours from that point to keep the colors I created to blend the second sketch successfully.

I made several variations. Each one is slightly different but focus on the blends I wanted to achieve in this design. Green and Tan were the focus. I remember staring at a photo on pinterest a few months ago. I wondered if I could replicate the same colors. That’s what so amazing about color, you can find so many roads to travel. There are so many blends to explore. I hope to explore thousands of blends. Once I go beyond that I want to reach millions of blends. I want to keep exploring and I feel now that it’s truly possible to create blends that are beyond the norm for me. Blue, red, and purple… that’s my norm. It’s my comfort zone. It feels awesome to reach sweet spots outside of my comfort zone. It gives me hope that I can explore more depths of color.

I also had a hard time with the finishing texture. It was another challenge after I found the right color blends. When I tried to finish the design with the texture I love, it didn’t mesh well. It was frustrating because I didn’t want the blends I created to disappear while mixing different textures together. I did end up creating the texture I love despite the problems I encountered.

I noticed recently that I haven’t really talk about making the music video. It’s a long process that I guess I should always touch on. It took me some time to find the song used in the music video. I wanted to find something that’s a little upbeat yet kind of similar to Flying Alaska V.2. I always like to sample with artists I never used before. However, I was having a hard time finding a song I liked. I started making the music video this morning. Last night, I finished the design but it was very late at night. I woke up this morning not feeling too great. After an hour looking for a song, I went back to one of my favorite artists, Jahzzar. I didn’t know he recently released an album. It is hot! As soon I heard Superconductivity, I felt it would be perfect for this video. It’s an awesome song. Overall, it took me 4 hours just to finish the video. I had to wait over 100 minutes for the video to render! I guess the good part about that is I had a chance to go back to sleep. Now I feel better.

I will post a few versions of this design on google plus. I’m really happy about this design. I hope you like it as well.

  • Time to create: 6+ Hours
  • Tools: Pencil and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Superconductivity by Jahzzar

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