It’s Never Too Late For Now!

Well… I just booked the trip. Two months… and hopefully I’ll be in Chicago! Is it really possible that this dream is slowly coming true? My body feels shock and I just booked the tickets. Imagine me… in Chicago!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is starting to feel real and that’s nuts… There’s still so much to be done before the day comes. There’s more funds I need to make this trip really happen beyond the tickets. This was a big risk! So much is happening right now… and it’s incredible! I have so many ideas that I would love to execute… I have to do everything I can to make this dream a reality for me. I will try my best to make this happen. I am also trying to conquer my fear of planes. I never been on a plane so this is going to be…. HUGE!!! If I can do this…Wait, I know I can.. and I will, hopefully! OMG!

Before the trip, I think it’s best to focus on advertising. Just drive right back in and shake things up a bit around here. I must step outside the comfort zone and stay there. Honestly… this is all really insane.

Now that I can play with scripts, it’s time to get crazy! I really love the last video. It’s definitely motivating me to continue down that road. I love the colors. I love the blends. So…. I decided to make another music video and film a small trip this weekend. I don’t know where yet but I have time to figure that out. I have an idea for an advertisement that I think will be nice to see, maybe slightly odd but very colorful. Execution is key. I will provide more details soon. After the shock…. This could be a disaster but why not try something different? I want to have more fun playing this game.

A part of me feels like this is one big tease. Once a year this happens… If I’m lucky. There’s absolutely no guarantee that I will complete this travel series. Odds are seriously against me. Anything can happen at anytime… I hope this dream comes true. Truly…

I really have no more to say. I am in disbelief that’s is happening right now. I am nervous, in shock, and very excited that this is actually happening. Feels like this the first step.

The time is now. I have to make this dream happen.

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