Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Patreon is officially up and running! Yay! You know that saying “I’m as happy as a clam!” Well yes… that’s how I felt watching the intro video. I think it looks awesome! Rivals lighthouse for sure! The colors and textures are spot on and the quality is great! I’m really happy about this one… A small part of me feels euphoria to have made something like this… I literally thought this was impossible several years ago. It feels incredible to reach this point. It honestly feels exhilarating to see abstract art come alive and react. Every frame is different yet the same. It’s all one big abstract art design. There are certain moments that I really love about this video. I don’t really like being in designs but I love the beginning. I wanted to do a twirl for the thrill, honestly… Even if it looks silly. I didn’t want to stand still throughout the whole video. I wore my favorite ruffled top and I was curious to see how the twirl would look in the video. I love it. It’s my favorite part. To see it all come together is the best moment in this whole process. I love this video so much! I do feel euphoria at this moment while thinking about it! I only hope I can continue… I have so many ideas and it feels great to execute the vision in bite size pieces!

I made the design featured in the video using one photo from video footage. I didn’t spend as much time making the design compared to Lincoln Drive but surprisingly the design script was longer. It was heading towards two minutes and I was thinking about abandoning the design for a brief moment but I loved it so much. The colors remind me of 80’s Synth Pop and I love Synth Pop so I decided to keep it. I think I would have finished sooner but I still met my original deadline. I finished the video on Wednesday and spent the last two days fixing up my Patreon to post the video. I love it when I finish a project before a deadline. It’s so rare! I will do better.

I made two versions of this video. You can see the alternate version on Patreon. The alternate version features a lot of red and yellow. It’s a crazy version. I knew it would be loud and different but when I was making the design I thought to stop when I reached the final blend. Why not stop and keep the blend? It’s red… It’s a little odd but I love it anyway.

I am thinking about the next travel series. It’s Chicago. Yes… a big boss in my journey, lol. I’ve been wanting to go for the last 5 years. I’m not 100 percent sure if I can make the whole trip happen but it’s now in the realm of possibility. I will keep this blog updated. At this point, it’s 45 percent possible. In the meantime, I would like to make more music videos similar to the intro. I really want to rent a studio for the day to do my dance video. It’s crazy that I’m doing this!! Simply… Making Lincoln Drive and this video are big steps in a positive direction. I have to continue this journey. I love color so much! It makes me so happy. I think being able to get this point in the journey is beautiful and a great Valentine’s gift to my past self. If that makes sense….

Happy Valentine’s Day

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