Let’s Rewind….

Yes! This is probably the first time writing two posts in one hour! Yikes! I took a long deep breath and thought it would be wise to take a step back. I thought about deleting that last post. I don’t think anything is ever really deleted online so it wouldn’t matter if I deleted here. That post could be found somewhere. I could still delete it, lol. I know I have to make serious edits before posting anything online. I apologize to anyone who reads that post and to myself. There was never a point on this blog where I said I’m not crazy. I had a quick pep talk with myself inside my head for a minute. It was almost immediately after I published that horrific post. I am going to be more positive and try to figure something out. At this point, it’s better to keep going then to stop and do nothing. It would be crazy to stop this journey now. My work is utter crap but being in a lighthouse in Cape May was crazy awesome. I really love that music video and I think it’s one of my best. I will be forever grateful to even have an opportunity to take that trip.

Anything can happen at any time….

Unfortunately, I have to accept the fact that there’s probably no way to finish this travel series at the rate I’m going but I still have to keep trying to make it work somehow.

So… I would love to end this day on a positive note, lol! I look forward to seeing how this video looks when I’m done. I made 6 variations but only scripting 3 at the moment. I might do another one. I’m only working with 1000 photos so it shouldn’t take me too long to finish.

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