Lincoln Drive: An Abstract Art Film

  • Film Details
  • Created by Katherine Barnett (beatnikblends)
  • Start/End Dates: January 12th to February 1st, 2020
  • Music in Video: Synth Pop by Antracto
  • Filming Locations: Philadelphia, PA. and Horsham, PA

Well… Lincoln Drive is my first design and “film” for 2020. I have to say… I absolutely adore this film. It feels great to start a new decade with a video that’s possibly one of my all time favorites.

Sometime last year, I thought about making a film of me driving on Lincoln Drive in Philadelphia. The drive is very curvy, almost all sharp curves. The drive itself stretches for a couple of miles and it’s in a very nice area. I started the drive at the beginning from City Ave in Philadelphia. I thought the best place to start was at Target. There’s a huge parking lot and I thought if I wanted to grab some food before the drive started I could go there to get it. I had a couple of routes in mind. I was initially going to start in South Philly and start Lincoln drive directly from the highway. I wasn’t sure about the traffic so I thought having quick access to Lincoln drive and head towards the suburbs would be a better idea. I ended up in a shopping center in Horsham, PA. It was a 34 minute drive condensed into a 2:30 minute video. I think this route was so much better especially as a scenic route. One day, I will do a film featuring the Philly skyline and the Art Museum.

This is the first time I used three different camera angles in a film. I bought two cameras and used my phone as the third camera. I thought it would be cool to capture footage in multiple angles. It adds more dimension and variety. I think it looks great in the video! I will definitely use multiple angles in future films, especially for my travel series.

I had no plans to record myself in the video. I didn’t notice I was in it until after I was home looking back at the footage. I was going to cut myself out but then I thought it would be nice to see someone start and end the journey. I think it adds a small story element. I have to say… I really love the end. At the time, I was getting out of the car to stop the side camera from recording more footage.

Small Easter Egg: The shirt I’m wearing features the design I made from my Ambler Drive film. I used one of the designed frames to make a t-shirt on printful. In a way part of that film is in this one as well and that’s nice.

Here’s the film breakdown: I started editing film footage from 3 cameras, converting the footage to photos, adding my design to each photo with a custom made design script, converting back to footage and continue editing. I started filming on January 12th and finished February 1st. I wanted to sample with 1000 frames this time because it wouldn’t take me too long to make the film with a short script. It took me less than a week with my final script. I ran into many problems with making the video and the design. I wasn’t happy with my initial design or the script. The script was over 2 minutes long and something felt missing with the final texture. I ended up making 9 different variations of the design. I also rendered over 300 frames before starting all over again with a new design script. I was determined to be 100 percent happy with the texture and script. At the end, I was able to reduce the script to 30 seconds. I’m going to try using that script again for another film and see if it works well with different abstract patterns. What I noticed is the less frames I used the more trouble I have in Vegas with pacing. I wanted to experiment with only 1000 frames and I think next time I might have to use more frames but if the script works I could still save a lot of time making films in the future. Another problem I ran into was after I had my equipment setup, I noticed I couldn’t record on my phone and play music at the same time. At the time, I thought I will record again on another day but about halfway into the drive I realized I could download an app to help me record and listen to music at the same time. So… since it was such a nice day and the weather was perfect, I decided to do the whole trip again. Turns out the problem worked in my favor because there was less traffic heading back to Horsham in certain spots. Yet… there was more traffic on Lincoln Drive making the video look more interesting during that part in the film.

The version of the film you see is another variation I edited in Sony Vegas. I wasn’t really happy with the blue version I made in Paintshop. I took my favorite version which is drenched in red and found a happy bluish peach blend in Vegas. I really like it and thought it would be more suitable as the main version then my favorite. I will post my favorite on Patreon. I have to set it up which shouldn’t take me too long but I am making a special video. Despite the many issues I had while recording and making the film, I do love the end result. I think the textures look good, which was my biggest struggle, and the colors are spot on. I have another project in mind that I might start working on in March. I do have a plan on what I would like to accomplish this year and this video is definitely part of the plan. It feels great to finish this film. Thanks for reading and watching Lincoln Drive.


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