Armory (Hartford Travel Series)

Design Details

  • Created by Katherine Barnett
  • Tools to create art and speed video: Adobe After Effects | Picture of Hartford State Armory| Sony Vegas | Paintshop Pro | Debut Video Capture | Windows Movie Maker |
  • Song in video: Honeys Pie by Wake

This design features the Hartford State Armory, located in Hartford, CT. You can find the building at 360 Board St.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a design of the Armory. The pictures I took weren’t the best. I decided not to do a design I had in mind so I thought to see what I could do with the Armory pic. I had some troubles throughout designing. I wasn’t too sure where to go with color blends. I wanted to be more experimental with the color blends. Overall, I am happy with the design. Textures are a huge problem for me. I created a perfect blend but sometimes applying the blend changes everything in a bad way. Every design is a learning process. The abstract drawing I used was just nuts. I wanted to see if I could create anything with that drawing. I made it during lunch at work. I love to draw these sketches. It’s relaxation and madness through each stroke. A few years ago, I would have never dared to do this but I don’t want to place limits on my work. I made two versions of this design. There are small texture differences. Colors are very different. I will post both versions on social media.

This past week has been very rough. Won’t go into much detail but it was rough. I hope I am able to continue this journey. Quitting is not any option anymore. I have to become a stronger person. I am thankful to post something. Even though I’m seriously behind. I definitely have to push myself further this upcoming week. I have to finish this album as soon as possible. There are many designs I have to create. I want to move forward and travel to Cape May. I crave another moment like Hartford.

It’s been five years since I started creating music videos for my art. A long time… I took many breaks during this time and I hope the next five years, I can double the number of videos I created. Honestly, I hoped to make more than 200 by this point. I am confident I can create another 200 videos in the next 5 years. Right now, I would like to reach 250 to 300 videos. I think I’ve grown as an artist and a person. There’s so much more I want and need to do. I am willing to put as much money and time into this dream. The time is now.

J’adore le rêve: I love the dream

I love the dream of becoming one with color. To create a lush reality where every moment you are making love with nature. Endless color blends that shape the fabric of reality. Each moment exhilarates every cell in my body. Engulfed in flames of bliss. A saccharine dream on repeat throughout eternity.

This is my dream. J’adore le rêve

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