Traveler’s Tower (Hartford Travel Series)

Design Details

  • Created by Katherine Barnett
  • Tools to create art and speed video: Adobe After Effects | Drawing & Picture of Traveler’s Tower| Sony Vegas | Paintshop Pro | Debut Video Capture | Windows Movie Maker |
  • Song in video: Blaster 47 by Glass Boy

This design features Traveler’s Tower, located in Hartford, CT. You can find the building at 1 Tower Sq.

I was contemplating making this design. I didn’t think I captured a good shot of Traveler’s Tower. I think the best shot would have been if I was in a high story building. I took several pictures in different locations trying to get the best photo. I wish I could have captured a perfect centered shot. I love photography. It’s exciting. I’ll get better and take great photos.

I hope you see remanents of the tower in this design. What I always tried to do in the past is keep the base of the photo intact. However, I’m trying to be more experimental. The whole point is to create a different perspective. Maybe… This version can be created as a 3d structure that’s constantly moving in the skies. The boxes I created are holding up the tower that’s inside and it’s spinning. Or maybe that sounds crazy.

I really love drawing boxes. It’s fun and it’s great to play with using rotating mirror. What you can do with certain effects is simply incredible. Playing around with scenery, patterns, and color blends is an amazing experience. Reaching the sweet spots… That’s what it’s all about.

Well… I have to get another monitor. I want to amp up the quality of my videos. I will do more research to see if I can capture HD quality for my screen recordings without getting a bigger monitor. Or a particular section of my monitor can record in HD. Je ne sais pas. I will figure something out. I love making music videos now. It’s very challenging but I’m testing out more ideas. While listening to Blaster 47, I thought about creating the sequence start at 1:09. I think it came out really well. I love when my ideas come alive in this reality. It’s exhilarating. The sweet spots in this journey. J’adore le rêve.

I think there’s one more design I have to make before I’m finished a section in my album video. I have to work faster. I wish I had more time. I have to more efficient. A great thing is that I’m done my B83 commercial for my exclusive list. I love the video. It looks great. What I was thinking about doing is creating commercials out of my speed art videos. They are already edited and I don’t have to add much except the text. It was easy to create the video. It didn’t take too much time. Actually, the hardest part was writing the ad.

I’ve been thinking about my album progress. I am really behind. I’ve come to realize there’s only so much I can do in one day. For the next album, I’m going make less speed art videos for the album. It takes way too much time. For my design challenge, I had more time to create and design my videos. I only have about 4 hours every day to work on my art. Sometimes, it takes me that long to create a design. Next week, I’m going to try to make two designs. Have to keep pushing myself further. I can do this.

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