Bionic Carnival – Day 27 of 30 Day Design Challenge

I tried making another portrait similar to Bionic Sally and wasn’t successful. It’s ok because I think I know what I did wrong. I was watching another tutorial video that featured a different method to make a portrait. After I finished the portrait, I thought the first video I watched had a better technique. I think if I can perfect the technique, I can make nice digital portraits. I really like Bionic Sally so I definitely want to continue making similar portraits.

I’m not too happy with this design so I’m only going to show the design here. I do like the colors and the texture is nice but I think the design was doomed from the start. I called this Bionic Carnival because the colors and overall look of the design look like a carnival to me. I’m not going to work on any more portrait designs until May. I will continue to study technique. I’m going to try to make a portrait daily to work on proportion.

I’m almost finished this design challenge. I only have to create 3 more designs! YAY!!!

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