Timeless Symphony – Day 28 of 30 Day Design Challenge

I had a great time making Timeless Symphony. I used the drawing I made for Giant to create this design. I was thinking about making a new drawing but I was running close to my deadline and thought to use an old drawing. I wasn’t too fond of Giant so I’m happy to revisit this drawing to see if I can make something new. I love this design because the texture is spot on and I really do like the colors. It’s a polar opposite design of Giant and that’s great. I really do love reaching sweet spots in my work. It balances the maddening times and makes reaching sweet spots more saccharine to me.

I called this design Timeless Symphony because I used an old drawing to create something new. It’s very cool to make new designs with old drawings. Retrospective was another design where I used an old drawing. I think there are infinite directions to take with a design.

I listened to The Outer Circular on repeat while making this design. I put the song in the video as well. Hearing the song in the music video connects the whole experience for me. It’s great to look back feel the sweetness of making this design and how I felt at the time of making it. It’s a unique feeling. Every music video feels like a love letter to color. In the future, I’m going to try to find the song for the music video before making designs.

Only two more days until I’m finished this design challenge. I can’t wait…. It’s definitely going to mark a huge record and personal accomplishment for me. I hope you like this design and the music video.

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January 2019 Update: Thumbnail features the second version of Timeless Symphony.

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