Color Roamer – Day 14 of Design Challenge

I started this design very close to the deadline. I am very happy with this design looks because the colors made a connection to my past, present and hopefully the future.

I used a new pencil drawing I made for this design. I did have some trouble with the drawing in paintshop. I was using rotating mirror and the angles were very similar to the last design I made. I didn’t want to make a similar design. I struggled with this all the way to the end of making this design. I am happy with the final outcome. I made three variations. All three have the same colors but the drawing looks different in each version.

The title… There’s a long story behind the title but I’m going try to keep it as short as possible. I briefly talked about writing a book years in this previous blog post. I started in my early 20’s and I called it The Roamers. It was about someone going on a journey through multiple realities while discovering more about herself and the world around her. She was haunted by her best friend through each reality. A friend that died before the main character went into a coma. The friend was in love with nature and loved to write poetry. The roamers in the book would travel endlessly to discover every part of nature.

While I was making this design, the colors reminded of a section I wrote on my 21st birthday called the midnight festivals. Maybe my own festival in some way. At the beginning, there are colors similar to this design that welcome me into paradise. Even though I didn’t complete the book, I feel my work with color is living parts of it in some way. I feel a strange connection.

I love to roam through color blends. I am a color roamer! I want to travel endlessly with color. When the lights are out for me, I want to leave behind many different color destinations. Each experience is unique to me and it makes me feel divine. This is my happiness and I’m so grateful to be on this path. I don’t know how long it’s going to last but it’s been an awesome ride so far!

I hope you love this design and the music video.

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