Abstract Pie – Day 13 of Design Challenge

There’s something I really love about this design. I finished Abstract Pie a few minutes before midnight. I was running across odd color blends that I liked. One, in particular, had orange, red, yellow, and purple in the mix. The blends were a mixture of light and dark and I was liking it a lot! However, I did want to stray from that blend because of yellow. It’s funny to me because I was just talking about how much I hate yellow on my recent podcast episode. Now, I run into a blend that I like and there’s yellow streaming throughout the blend. I thought about the episode and laughed. I immediately abandoned the blend. I’m glad I did because the color blend I did end up using looks beautiful. I really love it. I love the dark green and purple combination.

I played around with the drawing using rotating mirror. I found a nice shape that kind of looks like an abstract pi symbol. At the end of making this design, I flipped the drawing. I thought it looked so much better and added something oddly striking about the design. I made four different versions of this design and each one has a different shape. I don’t know if I’m going to post all four. I also used lots of contours in the design. It contributes to the background circular shape that I absolutely love. There are layers of different color blends shaped in the background.

I think the more I keep working on the designs, the more I learn about blending particular colors and shapes. I like smiling at the end of each design. It makes me feel closer to color. I do hope I can finish a design before 11pm at some point in this challenge. I know for the last day, I will try to make the design and music video all in one day. I honestly don’t want to wait until May 1st to make the music video. I want this challenge to start and end in April. I do hope you like the design and the music video.

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