Dreams of the Future?

After the podcast and my recent sadness, I guess I needed a little reality check so to speak and my subconscious self was there to help me. Sometimes I feel like my dream self is living a great life and I’m trying to catch up to her. I had a dream that I went to Chicago to start on my next album. This is the first time I ever had a dream about another place. Usually, I have dreams of Paris.

Well… In the dream, I managed to find a sponsor to help finance my Chicago travel series art album. I was very excited yet scared because I bought airline tickets. I never been on a plane. I have a rather large fear of planes. I wanted to conquer this fear by skydiving in the near future. I love trains and if I was going to Chicago, I was going to take a train. Now, seeing as though I went on an airplane in my dream, I think I might conquer my fear with this upcoming travel series. If it happens… I remember going to the airport for the first time and I was feeling so nervous, I wanted to turn back. Someone informed me that I can buy sleeping pills so I will be asleep for whole trip and it will calm down my nerves. I don’t remember buying the pills. I remember being in line to receive my boarding pass. One thing that stuck out was that I was alone. I always thought the first time being on a plane, I would be with my best friend or someone else. Thinking about it now, I was surprised that I wasn’t scared out of my mind. I was nervous but not to the point that I couldn’t function. I text my best friend before I board the plane. I told her I was about to head to Chicago. After that, I remember being on the airplane and I was on edge. I tried to remain calm and the strangest thing is that the dream skipped to the last few minutes of the flight. Maybe my mind had a sedative of some sort to help calm me. I don’t know.

When I got off the plane, I was taken to a luxury hotel in the city. When I arrived at the hotel, I text my best friend again in disbelief. I just couldn’t believe I actually made it to Chicago and the hotel was awesome! I was told by customer service that there was a great restaurant near the hotel that I should visit. I went to the restaurant after settling in my hotel room. The area nearby was very nice. There were lots of restaurants and stores. The restaurant that the customer service rep suggested had lots of good food. However, it was very expensive. I remember wanting a meal but it was 50 dollars. The chef was about to prepare the meal for me and I told him that I wanted something else. He smiled at me and waited until I found another meal I wanted. He was very friendly. Everyone was so friendly. I don’t know why but it felt a little surreal. After I ate, I looked around and wondered where to go next. I asked a couple and they suggest a shopping avenue nearby. I looked around and tried to remember where the hotel was before I started my journey throughout Chicago. The dream ended shortly after that moment.

It was probably one of the best dreams I’ve had next to my Paris dreams. It further cements my path for me. I guess I could be having these dreams to give me false hope but I don’t want to believe that could be the case. I’ve had five Paris dreams and now one Chicago dream. Six dreams based on my dream path. There’s got to be a way to make this happen in this reality. I don’t want to keep living a great life in my dreams and wake up to a nightmare. Last night, after I post the podcast and my recent design, I started looking for information about sponsorships. I was thinking about heading in the corporate sponsorship path. I think after this album, I’ll have all the information I need to present a sound business plan for my next album. I’ve been down a lot but I’m going to keep fighting until either I succeed or just crash. I don’t want to crash but if I do then at least I tried to make my dreams become a reality for me.

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