Podcast Episode 12: Speed Art Benchmark, Mountains Collection, and Being Driven by Passion

Welcome to Episode 12 of Beatnik83 Podcast! I finally reach an important benchmark for my YouTube channel. I created 100 speed art music videos. I talk about that more and how it relates to the motivational video of week. I feature more synth pop music by Airglow. My art collection for this week is about mountains. I also talk about publishing the first part of my art marketing journey. I go into details about marketing my art album with paid advertising. I hope it’s helpful. Thanks so much for listening to this episode! ♥ Katherine

Motivational video of the week: You Can by Absolute Motivation

Below are all the links that I talk about throughout the episode. If you love the songs featured in the podcast, download them and support the artist! Thanks so much!

Links Featured on Episode 12

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