Rocky Statue (Philadelphia Travel Series)

The Rocky statue is located at the Art Museum in Philadelphia, PA. I haven’t visited the Art Museum in many years. It was a great experience for me. I go into more details about this trip on my recent podcast episode.

This design was probably the most difficult to create within the last year. I made a mistake early on and I should have gone back to fix it but I continued to work. This is the first time I used a pencil sketch of a person in a design. I created a simple sketch of the statue with pencil. You can see it in the music video. I also traced a copy of the sketch and added a pattern around it. I do regret that you can’t really see the sketch I made in the final versions of this design. You can see an outline of the boxing gloves around the statue and that’s part of my sketch. Also the outlining of the shorts are part of the sketch as well. I created a mirrored version of the statue because it was the best way to display the sketch I made as a shadow. I didn’t want my sketch to be dominant but I wanted it to be noticed. I know what to do for the next sketch design I’m going to make. It’s a challenge but I will conquer it!

I won’t be posting this design in my shop. I’m not sure how copyrights work with statues. I did take a picture and created a pencil sketch but I’m not sure. I will rather be safe than sorry. I couldn’t post my Art Museum design in the shop which is making me even more reluctant to post this design. I will post this design in my upcoming album and on social media.

Rocky Statue marks my 100th speed art video for my youtube channel. I am very happy to reach this benchmark. Throughout the past two years and half years, there have been times I didn’t think I would reach this point. Sadly, I stopped recording myself designing a few hours before finishing the design. I have lots of footage to work with and you can still see where I was going with the design. The original Rocky statue design looks similar to a few blends I was working with before I stopped recording. I also wanted to add small special effects to the video intro and outro. I really like the outro. I do hope people watch the whole video. If not, I can understand. It’s fun to make the outros. Playing around with effects is great! I love the video. I love it more than the design itself. I hope you like the design and the video.

  • Time to create: 11+ Hours
  • Tools: A Photo of Rocky Statue in Philadelphia, PA and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Discovery by Rockit Maxx

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