Art Museum (Philadelphia Travel Series)

On Friday, I finished part two of my travels in Philadelphia. Honestly, the whole experience was pure magic. The weather was perfect. I was going to take lots of pictures and most importantly, my dream came true. I recently had a dream of visiting the Rocky statue and taking pictures. The dream was strange. I talk more about it on my podcast. Having a chance to make the dream come true made the whole experience awesome and almost surreal. Each trip gets better and better. It makes me feel very happy and hopeful for the future. I only hope to continue my journey with color. Traveling outside my hometown and having a chance to experiment with nature throughout the country and beyond.

This was the second design I made yesterday. I started working on it a few minutes before 11pm. I featured the Art Museum. I am very happy with this design because now I’m beginning to love orange. Orange is not a color I work with often. I had a challenge towards the end of this design. I blended a kaleidoscope pattern into the design and it was slightly difficult to blend but I am really happy with the end results. I would love to work with orange in the future.

There’s a small pause at the end of the music video. Movie Maker is a wicked beast! There’s no way I can edit any problems until after I render the video. It’s not a big issue but I do apologize. You can see a glimpse of one of the final designs. I really love the video and song and I hope you like it as well!

  • Time to create: 2+ Hours
  • Tools: A Photo of Art Museum in Philadelphia, PA and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Memory Bank by Airglow

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