Penn’s Landing (Philadelphia Travel Series)

Penn’s Landing was my first stop getting off the train. It’s funny how this is the last design for part one of my travel series. I thought about moving on to part two of my travel series. However, I really like the picture I took at Penn’s Landing. I love the birds in the picture.

I really love Penn’s Landing. Old City is one of my favorite neighborhoods and that’s nearby as well. I love the sign of Penn’s Landing. There’s a similar one at South Street. This design is one of two I made yesterday. I don’t think I ever done that before. Definitely a busy weekend for me.

I used a lot of blue and pink in this design. The combination of blue and pink is very cool. I always have a fun time working with those two colors. Towards the end of making this design, I created two abstract versions of Penn’s Landing. I absolutely love both versions and I will feature both on the upcoming album. I was thinking about testing rotating mirror at the end again, similar to what I did with South Street. I was surprised by what happened to the design. I really love the effect and I think I might sample more with rotating mirror, in the future.

  • Time to create: 2+ Hours
  • Tools: A Photo of Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, PA and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Cepheid Disk by Airglow

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