A Tuna Sandwich


Late last night, I was hungry and thought of an idea. Why not make a design around my meal? I was making a tuna sandwich and I took a few pictures. I must say it was a lot easier to play around with food in Paintshop compared to portraits. I couldn’t help but think that it was kind of odd to make this design. I am very odd, so why not?

I had a fun time making this design. It was a challenge trying to retain the look of my sandwich while adding different colors and effects. I can see if someone looks at the design and not see a sandwich. I guess that’s where the abstract part comes in the play. Or maybe… I completely goofed. It’s all up to your perspective. I see the sandwich and I love the colors. I do hope you love it as well.

Making this design was in two parts. I started the design last night before going to bed and continued designing today. I listened to Art Bell throughout most of the design process. There was a pretty cool guest talking about the paranormal and parasites sucking negative energy from humans. Interesting stuff… I always love hearing about the paranormal. I don’t know why but I do. There was one subject that was a pretty cool concept. The guest believed in alternate and parallel universes simultaneously living, at this very moment. It really puts what I see in my dreams, in a different light. I know this paragraph has nothing to do with the design but it’s a nice thought to think that maybe my dad is alive somewhere, waiting for me to see him again. I don’t know… Maybe there’s an alternate version of him actively in my life and I am happy or maybe not. Who really knows? I like to consider what could be real beyond this reality. This is why I love drawing 3d shapes. You can see different perspectives. I believe there are endless layers of reality. Touching that realm, even if it’s in a simple drawing, feels awesome. If you can see an alternate reality (a perspective…) in the conscious world, what makes it not real? When you’re in a dream, most of the time, you feel everything is real, right? What makes it not real? Is it the fact (opinion…) that when you wake up, reality doesn’t exist anymore? Who is to say that waking up in another reality doesn’t make what you “dreamt” about real in a certain perspective? Perspective is the true meaning of a definition. If you don’t believe something is true then it’s not true. However… it could be true for someone else. Another perspective on truth. There are universal definitions but that’s only to connect with others in this reality.

Back on this design, I like adding the half tone effect in my designs. I try to make it a priority to have contours and half tone be the stars in every design. I was thinking about making a small tutorial. I don’t know how effective it would be since I use an old program. However, I guess it would be nice to show I create this “chaotic” mess that I call “art”. Art is so subjective, no?

I was thinking… it would be cool to take more photos of food and make abstract interpretations. It’s the same as taking pictures of places and making an abstract spin. There are so many ways to play with color. It’s truly infinite. However, there’s no way I can afford to take trips anywhere to do that so that idea is much dead from the start. It’s a nice thought, just like being a full time artist is a nice thought as well. I hope you enjoy the music video and the design.

  • Time to create: 3+ hours
  • Tools: A picture of a tuna sandwich I made for dinner and Paintshop Pro. 😉
  • Song in video: Mono Crash by Small Colin

I hope you love the video and the design. Please visit me on Google+ to see another version of A Tuna Sandwich.

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