Another challenge… I made several versions of Mozart that I like but I didn’t think they were ok to share. The colors are crazy and you can’t really see Mozart’s face. I know I wanted to share all my designs just in case my computer dies. I haven’t had the best luck with computers. Several have died on me. The last one had a lot of designs on it. So… I posted the “safe” version in my shop. I will post the one that I like better on google plus. The version I love is not seen in the music video. I worked on it after I stopped recording. I feel a bit limited when making these portraits. I have to keep the face at the forefront yet I just want to go nuts with the effects and color. Most of the time, I get blends that look good but compromise the face. To become a better artist I have to blend the two perfectly. If I keep working on the design, I know I will reach the right balance. I didn’t want to spend too much time on this portrait. I need to work on condensing creation times. I am not 100 percent happy. I liked Beethoven much better. I feel like if I can’t go absolutely nuts with color then what’s the point in working with color in the first place? There’s always a struggle…

I really love making music videos. The song I used is rough and sensual with the beats. It kinds of describes my feelings when creating this portrait and the colors as well. It’s completely opposite of Beethoven. I definitely wanted to use red in this design. The safe version has lots of it. I hope you enjoy the video.

Time to create: 4+ hours
Tools: A pic of Mozart and Paintshop Pro
Song in Video: Death Proof by Future Mike

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