Photo experiments… talk about challenging. I’m playing with the face, background, colors, patterns, effects, textures, and my sanity. It takes hours to make something that reaches my sweet spot. It’s a lot longer than my pencil sketch abstract designs. With my pencil sketches, I’m working with a clean background and patterns. It’s easy to go crazy and not have to worry about reactions. Blending is very difficult with photos. I must say that I thrive on the challenge. I get to travel an unknown destination with color that’s drastically different from the beginning. I would like to continue exploring. My hope is to take photos around the country and play with them in paintshop. I had a dream that I took a photo of the Eiffel Tower. I don’t know if I’ll ever make to Paris but it would be amazing to have a chance to play with a photo that I personally took of the Eiffel Tower. I made a design months ago with a picture of the Eiffel Tower. When my computer died, I thought I lost it but I recently found it in my e-mail. I am sure that making the design would be a completely different experience with my own photo. Anyway… I would love to do more photo experiments. I have an idea on a new project and will post an update when it’s complete.

I wanted to use a photo that was copyright free. Plus, I like Beethoven. I always loved classical music. I use to listen to it a lot more in my late teens. I love moonlight sonata. I hope you love my abstract interpretation of Beethoven. I made over 10 different version of this design. I was extremely frustrated yet indecisive. I loved the colors but I thought something was missing in each one. My favorite version is here and in my shop. I will be showing the other versions on social media. I want to add lots of color in my designs. I don’t want to focus on one particular color. Color is infinite and I want to become one with its beauty. I feel it helps me connect more with nature.

Each time I made a design this week, I listened to 80’s new wave music. I definitely believe music has a direct impact. I wanted to use lots of blue, purple, pink and yellow in this design. Sometimes I feel blue and purple are safety colors but there are many different hues within those two colors. I learned while making this design you can go in many directions with blue.

The music video… I wanted to feature synth pop music. I found an awesome song called Revenge by Hekk Doktor. However, the song is 2:50. When I sped up the design I was at 3:18. I had to cut a lot of footage to use the song. The video itself doesn’t feature the last 6+ hours of me designing so there’s a huge chunk missing from the video. I do apologize. I stopped recording after the 3 hour mark. Looking back, I know I shouldn’t have done that because I could have place sections from each hour in the video.

I’m really happy with this design and I hope to continue experimenting with portraits. Sometimes, I feel like a chef but with color instead of food. I watch a lot of cooking shows. Every time I eat, I watch something related to cooking. Masterchef UK and Masterchef Professional are my favorites. I also love Masterchef Ireland and Chopped. I love to add lots of elements into a design. Blending color is what I love most about making art. You have to get all the ingredients right to make a nice meal. It’s the same thing with what I do. It’s so easy to mess up the finishing texture. The colors can be awesome but the texture can be a mess. The effects can be all over the place. It’s a constant struggle.

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