Kaleidoscope Rage

Kaleidoscope Rage is featured as design 61 at my Youtube channel: BeatnikBlends
Well… I wasn’t feeling too great making this design. Today was just a really bad day. Times are very horrible for me right now. This design is very dark. I am not happy with it but it’s something. There are ups and downs in work and this is definitely a down. I’m trying to look on the bright side but it feels impossible to do that when so many things are going wrong. Everything is spinning out of control.

I used lots of colors. I wanted to use green as the main color but while making the design I was losing focus and towards the end, I wanted to go as dark as possible.

The title is based on the rage I feel about life and color at the moment. I crave a day of pure sweetness.

Tools: Pencil and Paintshop Pro
Time to create: 2+ hours
Song in Video: Sooner or Later by Amanyth. You can download the song here.

Thanks so much for visiting Beatnik83. ~ Katherine

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