Thurgood becomes a centerpiece for a brief moment in time. When colors dare to blend themselves towards an outer dimension. It’s an eclectic blend that transports the design into an unknown stratosphere. Still loving the journey? Keep going… Start watching a video dedicated to a Lighthouse with cool dance moves in the background!

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Thurgood speed art music video was created by Katherine Barnett. Abstract art featured in the video was made by Katherine. A photo of the Thurgood Marshall statue in Annapolis and an abstract drawing made by Katherine was used to help create art featured in video. Thurgood is part of the Annapolis Travel Series art album. Song featured is Morph by Soft and Furious. If you would like to learn more about B83, visit the blog. Read more about how designs are made like Thurgood, watch music videos, and so much more! Thanks for visiting!

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