Municipal (Hartford Travel Series)

Design Details

  • Created by Katherine Barnett
  • Tools to create art and speed video: Adobe After Effects | Picture of Hartford Municipal Building| Sony Vegas | Paintshop Pro | Debut Video Capture | Windows Movie Maker |
  • Time to Create: 5+ Hours
  • Song in video: It’s Crazy by Mise

This design features the Hartford Municipal Building, located in Hartford, CT. You can find the building at 550 Main Street.

I finished this design three days ago. I ran into some issues, made some mistakes, felt very tired from work…. etc…. I hate being behind schedule but I will get back on track. However, every day is progress even if I only finished one or two things. Or realized I made a mistake and have to correct it.

I feel inspired to dabble into unknown blends… It’s great to find awesome color blends. I want to continue taking risks with my work. I’ve been scared in the past to go down these roads. I would think they would appear too ugly to an outer perspective but I don’t care about that anymore. There’s always a balance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I’m working on adding more animated effects in my videos. I would love to create a video that has a good amount of animated effects. It takes a lot of time. I do want to start working with the chorus a lot more. A lot of beats are in repetition during that time. In this video, I sampled with this concept. I created a sequence of animations that are spread throughout the second part of the video. I thought it would take me a long time to create that sequence but it was easy. I’m also going to play around more with the background video. I really liked how the colors turned out in Wadsworth and I wanted to sample with that again. Use similar colors that are in the design, in the background video. Forgive me, if this all sounds elementary. In the beginning, my main focus was finding the right music, now it’s so much more!

It would be incredible to create music videos for famous artists. That’s an ultimate goal for me as a video producer. I’m trying to take more risks with my videos as well. I’m working with multiple programs and effects. I feel like my videos are getting better. I’m learning a lot more and it’s great.

I am taking on another pursuit. With my other website, I focused on building an e-mail list. I wasn’t too successful but I want to test myself. Try again with something I love instead of something I’m not too passionate about. I want to create a commercial video to build my list. I’m going to create exclusive speed art videos for my list and I’m also going to have a gift card giveaway. I want to set this project up by June 1st. It’s great to start out the month with a contest! I hope the project is successful. If not… then that’s ok. I’m willing to take the risk.

Now is the time.

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