Subway (Digital Abstract Art)

Design Details

  • Created by Katherine Barnett
  • Tools to create art and speed video: Adobe After Effects | Picture of Subway Car (Philadelphia, PA.) | Sony Vegas | Paintshop Pro | Debut Video Capture | :\ Windows Movie Maker |
  • Time to Create: 3+ Hours
  • Song in video: After the Count by Broke For Free

This is my first speed art video and design for beatnik blends in over a year! I hope I can continue my work without stopping for years to come.

When I originally took this picture. I was thinking about making a prequel album before going to Hartford. However, I don’t have enough time to make more than a few designs. I already postponed making this design for several days because I had other stuff to do. I used a picture of inside a subway car. I was on the Orange Line. That’s why the seats are orange. I went all the way to the last stop and no one was on the train at the time. I was able to get a really good shot. I stood in the middle the train car to take the photo. I wanted to highlight the color red in this design.

I had a conversation last night with someone that years ago would have devastated me. I just started using Adobe After Effects to make my intros and outros for videos. At first, it was a bit difficult and now I’m starting to get used to it. I mentioned to the person I was talking to that I’m starting to like it. He mentioned that everyone uses it and people use it to make gifs. He made it seem like was easy. I looked at him and instantly thought about my work. For years, I purposely didn’t use Adobe Photoshop. I hated that program and I wasn’t a fan of After Effects. However, I didn’t give myself enough time to learn the programs properly. Still… I was loyal to what I loved. Even though it’s severely outdated. I thought for a while my work was never good enough to be considered real art to others. I believe that’s what this person feels about my work. I only started to use Adobe because I wanted to challenge myself with this upcoming album. Do something special. Something beyond my current capabilities. Even though, I guess my intro and outro are probably very basic since I’m still new to the program. Maybe not.. I agreed with him throughout the conversation. A few years ago, I would have probably been more defensive. I think it’s very difficult to learn these programs. I also don’t think it’s easy to do what I do. I’m not saying it’s hard but it’s no walk in the park for me. But it’s ok… If someone thought little of my work. I am ok with that now. It is not going to stop this journey.

My point is that I feel like I’m becoming more confident in myself. I don’t care if this album is not a success. Going on this trip signifies that this is a beginning to a more positive future. Two years ago, I was working so hard on this website to become something of value. I had no job, barely any money. I was living in a horrible place and things were not looking good. Now, I’m about to start living my dream. I don’t know where it’will lead me but I am hopeful it’s a happy future. I gave up on this so many times. I tried to kill myself because I thought it was never going happen. I thought I was never going to start this travel series outside of Philly. I was never going to be happy. Now, there’s a small town chance for me. I’ve taken so many things to heart. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is this journey.

There was a moment while I was making this design where I felt that sweet spot. Pure bliss… The colors are magic and it’s flowing through my body and I feel like I’m on a cloud and its the most wonderful feeling. I’m stuck in this moment. I feel one with this moment. And that’s what I want in my life. Everyone deserves happiness. A life filled with love. Color is my love. This is my path. I love this path and I’m not going to let it go without a fight. That’s all I’ve been doing. I wake up and keep fighting. One day, I’ll be in Paris, staring at Eiffel Tower and that will be heaven for me.

I made some BIG changes in the way I make music videos. You no longer see the program I’m using to make the video. I crop that out. I added a video background to cover the missing space in the video. I also changed the intro and outro. Honestly, I think it looks incredible. I know I should have started doing this years ago. It makes it highlights the colors in the artwork more than the previous videos. It also looks a bit more professional. I tried doing something similar to this in the past but it didn’t work for me. I have to use Paintshop Pro and Debut Video Capture a different way now. It’s not much different but it can be distracting. This is my first time doing this so you can still see some parts of the program at time. I will become more precise.

On this journey, I am learning so much and challenging myself to improve. I spend a lot of time putting the speed art videos together. I love making music videos. I get lost in the colors in a different way. When I make a design, I try to find my sweet spots. A moment where the blends feel perfect for me. When I look at the music videos, I see the process unfold from a different perspective.  I don’t think about what effect to apply, I get lost in the journey towards finding the right color blends. It’s a sweetness that awesome. I don’t know if that makes any sense. Eventually, I would love to eventually create moments and shape stories through my work. An alternate reality that drenched in vibrant color blends.

January 2019 Update: The featured image shows the full art design for Subway. Thanks for visiting B83!

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