Locker Room (Philadelphia Travel Series)

For the last part of my travel series, I traveled to Citizens Bank Park. It’s home of the Philadelphia Phillies ballpark. I haven’t visited the ballpark so this was a new experience for me. I purchased a tour ticket for 10 dollars, a little under 16 with tax. I’m not really a baseball fan but I thought this would be a great experience for my travel series. The tour was about 90 minutes. I had a great time! I took lots of pictures. The only hiccup was that I wanted to take a picture of the baseball field but there was snow on the ground. I couldn’t get a good picture. We visited many sections of the ballpark. One of the sections, was the Philadelphia Phillies locker room. I am happy to take this tour during the off-season because we couldn’t visit the locker room during the season. The locker room itself wasn’t what I was expecting. It looks very modern, more like a conference room with fancy lockers instead of a baseball locker room. The locker room did look very nice and I knew I wanted to work with it in Paintshop.

I had a struggle with this design. I was going back and forth with red and blue as dominant colors. I was playing around with lots of effects. I made a kaleidoscope version of Locker Room that I love. Towards the end, I made a pattern using rotating mirror and blended it with itself to create a base. I blended the base with other blends to create the finished design. I wanted to create an abstract locker in an alternate reality. I love going into the unknown with pictures. Finding a sweet spot with this design was a wonderful experience for me. I really do love color. It’s so effortless to feel happy working on designs. I didn’t have a great morning because I hit a negative setback in my art journey last night but I feel happy now.

I would love to travel to either a football stadium or ballpark for every travel series. I would definitely love to visit the Dallas Cowboys stadium. I am a huge fan of the Cowboys. I am officially done the traveling part of my Philadelphia travel series. It was fun, exciting, and educational. I have three more designs to make in this series. I am thinking about making an extra one because I did six designs for part one. I am undecided. However, if I finish all three designs by Friday, I will consider making another design. I hope you love the design and music video.

  • Time to create: 4+ Hours
  • Tools: A Photo of Philadelphia Phillies Locker Room in Philadelphia, PA and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Spliff and Wesson by Airglow

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