December 83 Art Album

Album Details

  • Created by Katherine Barnett
  • Time to create video album: 2 Weeks
  • Tools to create: Sony Vegas
  • Song in video: Trad by Glass Boy

December 83 is a video art album that showcases all the designs, including variations, I made during December 2014. I called it December 83 because I was born during that month and year. I created the album using Sony Vegas 12. All the designs were made using Paintshop Pro. The song in the album video is called Trad by Glass Boy.

This album means so much to me. I worked on the video for two weeks. Syncing the designs to the beats was a challenge. It was very important for me to sync all the designs to the song. I learned a lot throughout the process. I think this album is a beginning for me in so many ways. I didn’t want to create a normal slideshow video. I wanted to add effects and strange stuff. It feels like a big experiment into foreign territory. I had my doubts throughout making this album. The video style is very new for me and wasn’t sure if I was going in the right direction. Overall, I am really happy how the video turned out.

I am going to continue making videos but I want to develop a geometric pattern to follow. It will change slightly according to beats. Sony Vegas is limitless for having the capacity to develop endless patterns.

In the beginning, I created an outline of what I wanted to do in the video. I listened to Trad at least 20 times while making the outline. During the video editing process, I changed the outline several times because I didn’t like how the effects looked. Altogether, I think I listened to Trad around 100 times.

Designs Featured in December 83 Art Album

I created a design cover for this album using two designs: Beatnik Apartment and Kattie’s Playground. I blended kaleidoscope versions of both designs together. I really like the combination. You can view the original cover design here.

I ran into a major hiccup towards the end. I was forced to make a windows update. I saw the pop up while I was in the middle of editing the video. Instead of escaping, I hit ok by mistake. I had Windows 8.1 before, and it did horrors to my computer. I couldn’t access certain programs. The computer ran slower. I wasn’t able to create any speed art videos. I had to refresh the computer back to it’s original settings. I tried everything I could do to stop this update. Shutting off my computer mid update, changing the registry, and I told Windows to never download updates without asking me. The pop up still came back to haunt me a day later. I wasn’t able to exit out. So now, I have Windows 8.1 and my worst nightmare has come back. I can’t access Movie Maker to do my speed art videos. Thankfully Sony Vegas is still working. The worse part is my internet is messed up. It only works in one section of my home, which is odd. I’m going to have to refresh this computer again. I am only mentioning this because making this album was a very stressful process. Plus, it very difficult to render this album because of the computer issues.

It’s a goal of mine to create 10 art albums this year. The next album will be a travel series in my hometown. I will start designing immediately.

I feel so much happiness to create this album. It was a struggle but I loved every moment. To be able to work with color feels like a privilege to me. I only hope to continue this journey. I also hope you like the album video and the designs featured.

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